Piper is a believer in delivering true progress and serving her community. Her unique work experience and approach to problem solving has allowed her to tackle tough challenges.

about piper

Piper Crowell is a digital and innovation policy expert, environmental advocate and leader with a record of bringing people together to address critical challenges affecting our community and our country. 

Piper started her career working on issue campaigns, including efforts to expand clean energy, protect open spaces, and provide access to quality, affordable health care. She successfully organized college students to help stop Prop 23, a ballot initiative that would have reversed a landmark global warming law in California.
As a Legislative Director, Piper worked on Capitol Hill to protect clean air and clean water while still growing our economy and investing in infrastructure. She also helped to create protections for consumers by working on regulations for the tech industry.  
Piper has worked on a range of important issues, including online privacy, e-commerce, intellectual property, advanced manufacturing, and cybersecurity regulations.
She now serves on the Oregon Innovation Council, working with the private sector, public universities, and the government to create new jobs in Oregon and drive more investment in Oregon’s economy. She also currently serves as Director of Global and Innovation Policy at Nike.  


Piper’s desire to serve comes from her love of living in Portland and her family’s long history in Oregon. Piper grew up hearing stories of her grandparents and great grandparents living in Coos Bay and North Bend. Her family were fishermen, loggers, and business owners. Piper grew up in the US and abroad as her mother served as a political officer in the US State Department. Her family also has history of military service which has instilled a deep appreciation of the duty and sacrifice of military families. 


Using a team approach to problem solving has allowed Piper to tackle tough challenges.  Her experience in government, business and the nonprofit sector offers a unique perspective on how to institute lasting change.


Piper has experience building diverse coalitions around complicated issues and guiding them to success. She will ensure ALL Portlanders have a voice in government and an advocate to address the unique challenges our communities face.


Piper’s experience in the business and nonprofit sectors has provided experience in closely scrutinizing budgets and providing meaningful accountability. As Mayor, she will lead with transparency and ensure efficiency in city spending so that we can make every dollar count.


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