Piper Crowell Suspends Campaign for Portland Mayor

Campaign staff and infrastructure to be repurposed for COVID-19 response efforts

Portland, OR – Piper Crowell today suspended her campaign for Portland Mayor. Piper’s campaign staff and media channels will remain active and be repurposed to lift-up her peers and small business.

Her team will help small businesses retool and provide services, such as the manufacture of personal protective equipment, to healthcare providers in the Portland area. She will also engage, educate, and provide support to her peers as they adapt to navigate these increasingly uncertain times. 

“I entered this race because I have always believed in putting people over politics. While I am still called to serve, with Portland facing a pandemic, I have decided to suspend my campaign and focus on COVID-19 response efforts.

“Real leadership has never been more important than it is now. As the spread of COVID-19 takes hold of our city, we are learning again to rely on what we have always been: neighbors who believe in Portland. And that’s where I will be spending my time: harnessing the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Portland’s small business community to tackle the challenges that COVID-19 is bringing to health care professionals.  

“Our small business owners are facing unprecedented economic hardship, but are still called to support their community. I will be helping connect them with the resources they need to manufacture or source personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals.

“I will also be engaging with millennials as we seek to understand the responsibility we have in times like these and our ability to make an impact. As an LGBTQ+ community member, I will also be spending energy to make sure resources are available that fit the health and economic needs of our community. 

“If the outbreak has taught us anything, it’s that Portland is full of innovative, creative, hard-working, and passionate people who love their city and their neighbors. I believe that we must harness this spirit once Portland begins to recover and refocus it on the issues that have gone unaddressed too long in this city: homelessness, affordable housing, and public safety. 

“I am grateful to many endorsements I received, including: Basic Rights Oregon; the Victory Fund; Women Under 40; and all of the individuals and organizations who backed my campaign.  
“I look forward to working with you and my fellow neighbors in the months and years to come.
“Stay in touch with me at www.pipercrowell.com.”  

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